Recess duty, walkie-talkies, and coffee breaks

Recess duty, walkie-talkies, and coffee breaks – a few of the highlights for third grader Owen, who got the chance to be Head of Lower School for a day.



Owen “won” the big honor at the 2014 Bull Roast auction. Here are his reflections on his day spent trying to fill Mr. Herrmann’s shoes.

Being the Lower School Head for the Day is awesome. You get to do stuff like run assembly, coffee breaks, check on classes and supervise them, be on recess duty, and use a walkie-talkie at dismissal to call
people’s names when they are called.


My favorite part of the day was the assembly. 4B had a class play called Fantastic Mr. Fox. After that I got to do announcements and hang out with the cast and crew.


When I went to lunch, I sat down with Mr. Herrmann, Dr. Powell, and Mrs. Heegan. Next I went outside to supervise the second grade recess. When I was finished with that I came inside to return any phone calls I may have missed. Afterward I made good on my promise to 3rd grade and gave them extra recess.


The hard thing about being the Lower School I think is keeping everything in order. Today was a really fun and hard day!



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