Spanish Immersion: No Passport Required

After a relatively quiet week on campus, Gilman is buzzing again with campers, athletes, and construction crews. Lower School Spanish teacher Cecelia Eppler gives us a look at one Gilman Summer! course that’s letting boys and girls immerse themselves in Spanish language and culture for a week, no passport required.

Text + photos by Cecelia Eppler, Lower School Spanish teacher

This week, boys and girls ages 6-10 are attending the first session of the Gilman Summer Spanish camp.

Throughout the week participants are exposed to the Spanish language in a variety of fun and exciting settings. Our activities include welcoming each other, discussing how each camper is doing, the weather and our schedule for the day. We begin our activities with a short vocabulary review, followed by a stretching and dancing session.

Our outdoor activities include soccer, water ball baseball, volleyball, water balloon piñatas, Spanish in nature, bug discovery, and circle games.

IMG_6185IMG_6223IMG_6237 IMG_6240

The campers also practice their Spanish while they are indoors cooking a variety of yummy Mexican treats, making piñatas, and discovering folk and contemporary Mexican art.



Much excitement permeates the camp this weekend as we follow the 2014 soccer World Cup, and compete on the creation of the most eye-catching World Cup poster, discuss the players and their teams. 


_MG_2673 (1)_MG_2672 (1)We’ll be posting more photos and stories from Gilman Summer! throughout program!


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