Gilman Downtown: Kip Digges

Great restaurants, easy transportation, and city pride — just a few of the many reasons several Gilman faculty members call downtown Baltimore their home. Now is your chance to meet a few of them. Here’s Gilman Middle School teacher Kip Digges.

Kip Digges

photo 1 (1) copyMr. Digges teaches Spanish, Public Speaking, and Talk III (an ethics class for 8th graders) in the Middle School. He serves as an assistant coach for the eighth grade interscholastic soccer team and as the head coach for eighth grade interscholastic tennis. Mr. Digges also works as an admissions counselor and as the Assistant Director of Financial Aid.

Mr. Digges graduated from Middlebury College with a B.A. in Spanish, English, and Political Science, and earned an M.A. the following year in Spanish Literature and Language. After working for two years in financial consulting, he returned to his home state of Maryland and graduated with a J.D. from the University of Maryland Law School. Mr. Digges joined the Gilman Middle School faculty in 2004.

Mr. Digges loves the outdoors and camping. He also enjoys living downtown with his family.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

The laughter, either with colleagues or students

What do you love about Gilman?

The students, faculty, and staff are an impressive bunch of good people. Also, the work environment allows and encourages me to be me on a daily basis.

Why did you choose to become a teacher?

I was tired of sitting at a desk in a mostly one-dimensional job.

What are you passionate about?

Personally, my family. Professionally, being the best role model possible for the students

Your favorite bands and movies:

Led Zeppelin, The Decemberists, Zac Brown Band, The National

Braveheart, The Count of Monte Cristo, Lord of the Rings

Favorite place to travel: 

New Zealand, Australia, Yosemite National Park, Machu Picchu, Spain

Your favorite sports teams:

Orioles, Ravens


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