Festival of Languages Poster Picks

The Middle School kicked off its 16th annual Festival of Languages this month. Here’s a look at the winners of the always-popular poster competition.

Middle School students are tasked with creating an attractive, interesting poster to celebrate Foreign Language Week. Participants are encouraged to use their imaginations to showcase places where foreign languages are spoken, travel destinations, activities in the language class, job opportunities for students with foreign language skills, the pleasures of speaking the language, the importance of the foreign language in developing English skills, art, dance, literature, and other cultural events.

The posters are judged on layout, presentation of theme, creativity and originality, effort and accuracy of grammar, vocabulary and culture.

Here are this year’s winners:

Bubo Athenae_edited-1.jpg (Charles Tini)

by Charles Tini

Bull Fight_edited-2.jpg (Logan Ireland)

by Logan Ireland

Carmen.jpg (Max Cortezi)

by Max Cortezi

Day of the Dead.jpg (Zack Anderson)

by Zack Anderson

Easter Island.jpg (Gregory Diette)

by Gregory Diette

Edith Piaf_edited-1.jpg (Ethan Hoskins)

by Ethan Hoskins

Graffiti_edited-1.jpg (Paul Stoller)

by Paul Stoller

Julius Caesar_edited-1.jpg (Nichi Pandey)

by Nichi Pandey

Mechanique.jpg (Parker Pearce)

by Parker Pearce

La Maison Carree de Nimes.jpg (Graham O'Brien)

by Graham O’Brien

Orangina_edited-3.jpg (Grant Holmes)

by Grant Holmes

Roma.jpg (Sean Kim)

by Sean Kim

Seychelles_edited-1.jpg (Tyler Deane)

by Tyler Deane

The Chorus_edited-1.jpg (Luke Morrill)

by Luke Morrill







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