Meet the Archivist

Gilman has a new archivist on the job – Steve Ammidown. Find out what he’s dug up at Gilman in his first weeks on the job and what he’s still looking for (and how you can help).

archivist- n. ~ 1. An individual responsible for appraising, acquiring, arranging, describing, preserving, and providing access to records of enduring value, according to the principles of provenance, original order, and collective control to protect the materials’ authenticity and context. – 2. An individual with responsibility for management and oversight of an archival repository or of records of enduring value. (Society of American Archivists)

IMG_1501 (1)

Archivist Steve Ammidown

Faculty photographs from the early 1900s. A 1920 Gilman Song Book. Parents Association meeting minutes from the 1970s. Trophies and plaques. A ceremonial lacrosse stick. The very first Gilman News from 1914. These are just a few of the things I handled during my very first week as Gilman’s new archivist.

“Wait,” I can hear you say. “Gilman has an archivist? Why does Gilman need an archivist?”

Nearly 120 years after Mrs. Carey’s idea for a school began as the Country School for Boys, we’ve accumulated a lot of stuff. Taken together, these documents, memorabilia, and publications comprise the history of the Gilman School. As the archivist it’s my job to make that stuff accessible so that it can tell the Gilman story.

Much of what I’ll do is archival reference work—answering questions for parents, faculty, students, and alumni, as well as outside historians and researchers. I will bring our physical collection into the information age by digitizing materials to share on the website. I will show collections live and in person at events such as the Bull Roast, Alumni Weekend, and Blue and Gray Day. You’ll also want to keep your eyes peeled for archival displays around campus.

If you’re on campus, I encourage you to stop by the Archives and visit. We’re located in Carey Hall, terrace level, across from the Business Office. I’m always happy to hear stories about your experience at Gilman, and to share some of the things I’ve uncovered here. You can also reach me at or at 410-323-3800, extension 367. If your question is really interesting, I might even write a blog post about it!

Before I go, there are a few things I need your help to find. We are currently looking for:

  • Yearbooks: 1929, 1930, 32-34, 37-38
  • Founders Day Programs prior to 1980
  • Of course, any Gilman-themed photographs and scrapbooks are always welcome, along with pre-1980
  • Issues of the Gilman News

I hope to hear from you soon!


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