The Gilman Hound Bot Advances to Super Regionals

Guest Post by Wyatt H. ‘18:

On March 18-20 we will join 71 teams from Maine to Virginia at the super regionals in Scranton, PA.

This year, the Gilman Robotics team bonded as a group and accomplished many of our goals through our two competitions so far. As our story progresses, we hope to continue the success and good times.

2016-01-30 team at Bryn Mawr

Pictured from left: Mike ‘16, Patrick ‘16, Yixuan ’16 (team co-captain), Max ‘18, Talbot ’18, Luigi ’16 (team co-captain), Wyatt ’18, Anthony ‘18, Cameron ‘18, Hari ‘18. Missing from the photo: Lucas ’17, Eric ’18, and Mr. Salcedo, faculty advisor.

We began the year with many new members, all from the sophomore class. With strong senior leadership, a strong team work ethic, productive meetings, and some laughs along the way, we reached the goal of having our robot consistently finish in the pull up position.

The role of our sophomores is to work on the physical design of our robot, while the seniors work on the programming and refining the code that drives it. The members of our team are passionate about engineering and technology, and have aspirations in those fields in the future.

We chose “Stability” as our team motto to represent the build of our Hound Bot. It has suffered many failed designs since the first version we created September. We have completely rebuilt the robot and its base, to better our chances to succeed in competition. The current and final design is our best so far.

Working after school and at team dinners before competitions, we have put in hundreds of man hours to get to this point. We have learned the fundamentals of being a robotics team.

Our January win at Bryn Mawr qualified us for the Maryland State Finals. Click here to view a video of that meet.

On February 21 at the state finals at Georgetown Prep we lost in a heartbreaking tie-breaker. But the tournament offered six spots for super regionals, and we made it!

On March 18-20 we will join 71 teams from Maine to Virginia at the super regionals in Scranton PA. A few teams will earn qualification for the next round: the world championships!

2016-02-22 Robotics team



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