Waxing Historical

Guest Post by Ashley Dagenais:

On February 1, Lower School friends and family enjoyed an amazing living wax museum that was created and performed by third grade students.

Wax Mus Marco Polo

“Marco Polo” shares his story with Lower School students at the Living Wax Museum

Each boy selected a subject from a list of over 50 famous leaders, musicians, artists, athletes, explorers, writers, and more from the past and present. Once the boys were matched with a subject, they received a book from the “Who was…/Who is…” biography series. Students read their biographies and took notes focusing on their subject’s accomplishments, obstacles, and character traits.

After finishing the book and recording the important details, each student wrote and memorized a speech summarizing the life of their character.

Students also worked with art teacher Jackie Knipp to create backdrops for the museum and assembled their own costumes at home.

painting backdrop

A dress rehearsal was presented to the third grade students’ kindergarten and prefirst buddies before putting on the wax museum for Lower School students as well as friends and family. To view a slide slow of the Wax Museum click here.

The third grade boys created this Wax Museum themselves, and they were excited and proud to share their hard work. It was theirs from the ground up, and we are very proud of them.


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