Introducing Gilman’s newest interscholastic sport

gameNearly a year since its resurrection, Greyhound TV has been elevated from a club to an interscholastic sport. It requires skill and dedication to be a part of the Greyhound TV crew. President Julian Baron ’17 and a group of ten other students spent countless hours last year preparing for and shooting live streams of varsity games. The crew shot over twenty football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse and baseball games, starting with the first football game before the school year began and running through the last baseball game of the season. To watch Gilman TV or see the broadcast schedule for upcoming games, click here.

Advisor Cesare Ciccanti is making plans to bring in alumni with broadcast experience and other notable personalities to speak with the crew.

“Having the opportunity to discuss what we do at Greyhound TV with a notable professional broadcaster, especially one who is a Gilman alumni, was almost surreal. It showed our crew that the skills we are learning here with Greyhound TV can very realistically help down the road for those of us who choose broadcast journalism as a career path.” ~JulianBaron

hollander1First up was WBAL sportscaster Brett Hollander ’03, who recently met with the Greyhound TV crew. Brett shared his experience setting up Gilman Radio, which had growing pains not unlike those of Gilman TV. He explained the technical difficulties he and his classmates faced. Gilman Radio was well received by the community and was even the subject of a Baltimore Sun article.

Brett spoke about the challenges of breaking into the broadcasting business. His career started with an internship at WBAL Radio. He warned the boys about how fragile a career can be – just one poorly chosen word spoken on air can end it.

Mac Barrett ’67 also attended the meeting. He spoke of his experience with Brett, who was a classmate of his own son, Allen. Mac discussed his career with the Terps.

Both Mac and Brett credited Gilman for preparing them for their careers, and emphasized the importance of writing in broadcasting.

Another recent activity for the crew was a visit to the Philip Merrill School of Journalism at University of Maryland.



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