Growth Through Art

Guest post by Middle School Art Teacher Dave Anderson: One of the joys of teaching art is watching my students’ growth in creativity and proficiency as they mature and continue to learn. Recently I asked some of my former Middle School students, now seniors, to reflect on what they have learned during their years of work. Here are some of their comments:

Woody Kelly: It wasn’t really until middle school that I fully immersed myself in art. I remember Mr. Anderson always pushing us out of our comfort zones and making us think about deeper meaning in our pieces … and I credit him for much of my creative thinking. Below: Woody’s work in Middle School and his current work.
kelly-1kelly-2Jenks O’Donovan: When I initially signed up for art, I really was not passionate about it. I was intimidated by the paintings that were scattered around the Upper School art studio and hoped I would be able to make a halfway decent painting. Looking back, art has been one of the most rewarding classes I’ve taken. Art has also influenced my creative thought in writing and as well as in class discussions on many topics. Below: Jenks’s work in Middle School and his current work.
Jenks 1.JPGJenks 2.JPGAndrew Poverman: I think about my paintings as someone might think of making a song. I’ll start with one component like a drum beat and see where I can build into it with say a guitar or piano. Once I have two components working together I can add more like a bass and a melody. Once all these parts start working together I can go back in and maybe add a second drum beat and possibly by the end I could have two drummers, three guitarists two piano players, and a bass player in one composition all working together. Below: Andrew’s work in Middle School and his current work.
Poverman 1.jpgPoverman 2.jpgMac Realo: I enjoyed art in middle school, but I didn’t really understand what I liked about it or what I wanted to do with it. It wasn’t until the Upper School that I started to develop a true passion for art. Art is one of the only classes where you can actually see your growth. It’s hard work and a lot of late nights, but in the end, it has definitely been worth it. Below: Mac’s work in Middle School and his current work.
Realo 1.jpgRealo 2.JPGNathan Shaw: Unlike core classes like Math or English, art provides a very unique opportunity to continually explore an idea and reflect this idea in your work. My concentration consists of oil paintings that examine the relationship between nature and civilization. The landscapes and structures depict the space between organic forms and man-made objects, creating a sense of duality that allows them to co-exist, sometimes in harmony and sometimes in conflict. Below: Nathan’s work in Middle School and his current work.
Shaw 1.jpgShaw 2.jpg

Micky Baroody: Art has always been a language that I could understand. Throughout my years at Gilman, art has been an escape from the ordinary and provided me with a world of new and creative challenges to explore. My recent artwork is largely focused on people and atmosphere and how the two can coalesce in a synergistic way. Below: Micky’s work in Middle School and his current work.





One thought on “Growth Through Art

  1. The depth of art education shown here reflects growth mindset and rich learning to take these young men wherever the wish. Impressive!

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