Jazz Band Makes a Music Pilgrimage

Guest post by Cheryl Nkeba and Upper School Jazz Band students

“It was amazing to learn from Wynton Marsalis and James Chirillo. I feel that I, along with the jazz band, improved immensely with their suggestions. Then, watching the New York philharmonic and professional jazz at Lincoln center exposed us to the full potential of our music education.” – John ’19, 3rd Trumpet 

The US Jazz Band packed three days of music experiences into a day trip to New York City recently. They participated in a workshop at Lincoln Center, toured historic musical sights, and attended a performance of the NY Philharmonic as well as a sound check with the Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra. The workshop provided students the opportunity to work directly with the Jazz at Lincoln Center orchestra members. The band played Bemsha Swing by Thelonious Monk and Symphony in Riffs by Benny Carter.

Members of the String Ensemble and Music History classes also made the trip. Gilman music alumni joined the students for lunch and dinner.

On the trip home students reflected on their day:

“The trip New York City with Gilman was unforgettable. It was a humbling experience to play for such an accomplished musician as James Chirillo and listen to the prodigious performance from Wynton Marsalis. The opportunity to watch the New York Philharmonic’s live performance of Beethoven’s Piano Concerto 1 was also a delightful one.” – Siyuan ’19, 1st Alto Saxophone
“The bus ride singalongs were one of a kind and I was blessed with especially thin New York pizza, humbling music, and, most importantly, lots and lots of learning.” – Jono ’19,  1st Tenor Saxophone 
“This was a unique opportunity to experience the best of the music industry.  I had a lot of fun touring the city and enhancing my knowledge of music.” – Simeon ’19, Assistant Manager
“Spectacular. The band as a whole became better musically, and closer as a group. We learned not only to focus on the technicalities, but also to embody the soulful aspect of Jazz.” – Ronald ’18, 1st Trumpet
“On top of this being my first time in New York, my experience working with James Chirillo was awe inspiring. It was also a great bonding experience with many classmates I otherwise would not get to know very well.” – Jackson ’20, 2nd Trumpet



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