Beyond the Basics

Guest post by Dr. Armistead Webster: Gilman School’s mission includes this statement: “Above all else, Gilman School seeks to help boys grow into men of character. We believe that the qualities of honor, leadership, dedication, and service to others must be emphasized and reinforced through all aspects of the school community.” We know that education is about much more than the three R’s.

Lower School boys learn about empathy and community every day. We encourage them to imagine being in someone else’s shoes and to remember they are members of various communities – their classroom, the Lower School, Gilman, Baltimore, and beyond. These messages are communicated daily in ways small and large. Community service is an important way we help boys connect to the larger community.

One of the most important service projects in the Lower School is the annual Read-a-Thon, which, while encouraging boys to read, raises money for a charitable organization. This year, the Baltimore Hunger Project (BHP) was the recipient of the proceeds. The boys learned about children living in Baltimore who experience hunger, and how the smallest amount of money can make a difference. The boys raised more than $27,000 for BHP.

Just a few weeks ago, we received this note from the parents of one of our students:

Aadi portraitDear Mrs. Levinson, Mrs. James, Ms. Miller and Dr. Webster,

We hope you are enjoying the summer break and the peace and quiet that comes with it! We wanted to share something with you. Aadi turned 8 today! A few weeks ago he came to us and said that he has decided to forgo his birthday gifts this year and asked us and all his family and friends to donate to the Baltimore Hunger Project instead. He was still thinking of BHP after the read-a-thon assembly. We were blown away and of course very proud of him.  

 We sent out a message to near and dear ones and they will all be donating to BHP in honor of Aadi’s wishes. We will be visiting the BHP headquarters this afternoon so Aadi can help out with making food packets.

 We wanted you all to know the impact that you have had on the boys. We truly appreciate all your efforts, guidance and inspiration. Please accept our heartfelt gratitude for your positive influence and the role you play in shaping the minds of our boys.


Bansari and Sachin Gujar

Notes like this remind us that the lessons learned in school take root at home. We are proud of Aadi for remembering the Baltimore Hunger Project and appreciate his family and friends in supporting his efforts to do good in the community.


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