New to the Archives: The Dreaded Bag

An artifact that is sure to bring dread to hundreds of Middle School alumni, “The Dreaded Bag” was recently uncovered in the MS Social Studies Department. According to MS history teacher Chris Bendann ’03, the bag was a long-time assessment given by former teacher Ned Clapp.
ned clapp 4
Mr. Clapp’s assessment was part of a geography test. The first step was to draw a slip of paper from the bag, which had a state name written on it. Then, using a blank map of the United States, you were asked to draw the borders of that state and the borders of the surrounding states, labelling each state. The Dreaded Bag assessment was considered a sixth grade right of passage for decades.
The bag still has all 50 slips of paper inside. Who knows, maybe a trip to the Gilman Archives will include a surprise Dreaded Bag quiz!
~Gilman Archivist Johanna Schein
IMG_0923Dreaded bag with paper slip

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