Beyond the Basics

Guest post by Dr. Armistead Webster: Lower School boys learn about empathy and community every day. We encourage them to imagine being in someone else’s shoes and to remember they are members of various communities – their classroom, the Lower School, Gilman, Baltimore, and beyond.


Documenting 2017: Third Grade Archival Video Project

Guest post by Johanna Schein, Gilman Archivist: Over the course of the year, Ms. Reiter’s third grade class has been getting an insider’s look at Gilman School history. By analyzing photographs, objects, and documents in the Gilman Archives, students have learned about Gilman’s past as well as the value of a primary source in research. To culminate the year-long partnership between…

Going Against the Grain

While most schools have dropped woodshop in recent decades, Gilman offers a comprehensive design and woodworking program that begins in Prep-One and continues into Upper School. Along the way students learn about materials, develop their math skills, and are introduced to engineering and design principles. All students take woodshop through 7th grade. Lower School boys learn…